Vivid color printing, durable
The HP C4937A (18) inkjet printer delivers long lasting, vibrant color prints that meet the needs of print, graphics and design. With genuine HP toner, you can be assured of the quality of the toner, the flow of ink, the toner and the print quality.

Mực in phun HP C4937A (18) - Cyan chính hãng, in màu chất lượng cao

Good performance cartridge
HP C4937A Inkjet Cartridge (18) - Cyan is quite large, you can print about 860 pages (with relative ink coverage). The HP C4937A (18) is the ideal choice for businesses who print frequently with inkjet printers, which significantly reduces the cost of printing per page and extends cartridge replacement / reload time.

Nozzle protection is effective
Using the HP C4937A (18) toner cartridge, toner coverage is good for professional printing. Genuine HP quality ink is manufactured with the ability to prevent corrosion and better spray nozzle protection, thereby increasing the life of the printer.

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