HP B7P23A Inkjet Cartridge (HP 727) - Black inkjet cartridge capacity of 130ml, high printing efficiency ensures excellent value for color printing. The HP B3P23A is a black inks cartridge for the HP Designjet T920 Large Format Printer (A0), the HP Designjet T1500 / T2500 (A0).

Ensure a lively color system
HP B3P23A Inkjet Print Cartridge is manufactured to meet the strictest enclosure standards so that the ink is free of impurities and ensures high reliability and print results. The print keeps the colors vivid, beautiful as the original, so it is specialized in the business of photo printing, banner advertising ... Using inkjet HP, you peace of mind ink quality: no flow , ink ribbon and no ink in the print.

MỰC IN PHUN HP B3P23A (HP 727) - Photo BLACK

High performance cartridge
The HP B3P23A inkjet printer is a cost-effective and high-performance 130ml inkjet printer that allows you to print fast-drying and smudge-resistant prints that keep you printing continuously. Genuine HP ink cartridges are manufactured to international standards, and are recommended for use in enhancing spray nozzle protection and prolong the life of the print cartridge.

Lower cost, smoother printing
The HP B3P23A ink jet is designed specifically for the HP Designjet T920 Large Format Inkjet Printer (A0), the HP Designjet T1500 / T2500 (A0) inkjet printer. The design is easy to assemble and manage, while ensuring that the elements are environmentally friendly. Thanks to the high performance, the HP B3P23A will help reduce the cost per page, you print more with less cost.

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