HP B7P06A (HP 727) Nozzles - Genuine, versatile, sharp printing delivers high-quality professional printing and makes the printer more durable. HP 727 durable, low wear and tear to meet the needs of printing color documents from HP Designjet T920 (A0) printer, HP Designjet T1500 / T2500.

Maintain stable operation of the machine
The HP B7P06A (HP 727) is manufactured with the ability to prevent corrosion from the super-durable material, which ensures stable operation of the printer. Genuine quality products are less prone to printing ink, do not flow, ink to print, and avoid volatile.

Đầu phun HP B3P06A - HP 727

HP Nozzles provide good print performance
HP B3P06A Nozzles for HP Designjet T920 Large Format Printers, HP Designjet T1500 / T2500. The HP B3P06A ensures perfect output for a set of 6 color cartridges. With genuine quality and precise specifications, the product ensures the number of pages that correspond to the type of ink you choose.

Vivid color printing, durable
The HP B7P06A (HP 727) Inkjet Cartridge gives you the best possible ink coverage on paper, even at the smallest size, to help you print beautiful colors without any hindrance. So, the HP 727 can handle up to your needs such as photo printing, wall paintings, advertising banners, etc.

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