Supports 4Kx2K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision HDR10, Imprex 2.0 and Mali-720 GPU
Powered by the Huawei Hi3798C V200 processor chip, the quad-core 64-bit processor, Cortex A53, is the flagship processor in audio and video processing, along with the 8 Mali 720 GPU core chip, making the HIMEDIA Q10 Pro capable. 4K video quality with the highest quality 4K @ 60fps, 10bit, ULTRAHD 4 times the definition of full HD 1080P video.
The 4K technology will be popular in the next 10 years, and the Himedia Q10 PRO is geared towards that future.
The Mali-720 GPU graphics processor is 5 times more powerful than the Mali 450P graphics chip, which makes the processing of high-definition 3D movies and games smoother and more powerful.
HIMEDIA Q10 Pro's unique feature is the HiSilicon Imprex 2.0 image processing technology combined with Dolby Vision technology, HDR 10 for true-to-life picture clarity. strokes. Q10 Pro uses custom algorithms to analyze digital images, detect dark / shifting areas, and selectively change the brightness of a particular pixel to produce visual depth. . This method allows to create good effects without altering the color of the overall picture, contrast, or levels of black. While this technology makes the image look sharp, the process, when used in moderation, is not the same as traditional image sharpening.
HiMedia Q10 Pro supports all high-quality HD-audio formats. Dolby True-HD, DTS: X, DTS-HD MA, 5.1 / 7.1 LPCM, DTS, and Dolby Digital AC3 all have downmix or passthrough cards. You can experience the sound effects at the Pavilion at your home.
The Q10 Pro also supports H264 4k compression, which makes the transfer of video and media smoother than the H.264 compression. With H.264 compression, video and audio is fast and smooth with H.264 compression, while video and audio quality The bar has not changed.
In the field of HDplayer player and Android box, HIMEDIA has been very successful and famous in the field of processing video files difficult, high level especially 3D. HiMedia can perfectly play 3D and 3D Bulb. HiMedia can play 3D offline from your hard drive or online with the exclusive Himedia wrapper utility on Kodi or Himedia Player in Media Center.
Experts on the KODI.TV site have always considered HIMEDIA to be the best KODI player on the market, especially with the HIMEDIA Q10 Pro, which is HIMEDIA's highest-end device, capable of smooth playback. KODI or SPMC, with special hardware support, Kodi on Q10 Pro for full compatibility with Addons, DTS-HD audio support, or high-end 4K video @ 60fps, 10 bit color, and 3D ISO
WIFI AC Dual Band, Lan Gigabyte
HIMEDIA Q10 Pro is equipped with advanced dual band AC technology (.4GHz / 5GHz / 5GHz / 802.11a / b / g / n / ac) and a large, long-lasting wireless antenna for the Q10 Pro. Possible to receive and play wifi best on the market. Along with the same wifi intensity, but with Wifi AC technology will help to transmit signal, video, media more powerful and faster than the standard Wifi.
With a professional Hdplayer Q10 Pro, Gigabit Lan support is needed to transfer heavy video files such as 4K Ultra HD or 3D bluray over wireless or wired via Ethernet.
Bluetooth 4.0
HIMEDIA Q10 Pro is HIMEDIA's first Android box that supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity so you can output audio to Bluetooth speakers or connect to peripherals like the Gamepad, Remote ...
Aluminum Aluminum Housing Design, 3.5 Inch 3.5 Inch Touchscreen Support.
q10_12HIMEDIA Q10 Pro is equipped with advanced hardware aluminum case with luxurious aluminum screen, touch screen LED can be adjusted on the screen. HiMedia Q10 Pro is equipped with 3.5 "SATA HDD, 2.5" internal hard drive, suitable for HDplayer or professional Karaoke Q10 Pro.
Himedia Q10 Pro is enhanced, supports up to 6T SATA drives, while Q10 IV only supports up to 4T, and removable is convenient and easy.
SKYPE - Easily connect your relatives friends
Using Skype built-in HiMedia Q10 Pro firmware makes it easy to keep in touch with friends, family, relatives no matter where they are in the world.
The AirPlay feature lets you share photos, videos, and music from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your TV in an easy-to-use format. AirPlay Mirroring allows you to take photos of both the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch screen on your TV screen. What you see is what you get displayed on TV!

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