Gpth - Escape Rope Ladder- ES001-10
Gpth - Escape Rope Ladder- ES001-10 Gpth - Escape Rope Ladder- ES001-10 Gpth - Escape Rope Ladder- ES001-10


   + ES001 ladder is made of fireproof material, withstand flame 1400ºC.

   + Capacity up to 2000kg.

   + Old people and children are also easy to use and very safe.

   + Each family only need to equip 1-2 sets of rope ladders to escape the house.

   + Low cost of stairs (only a drink or drink), but high usage (5 years).

The ES001 Escape Rope Ladder includes:

     1) Wired: Wire is made by steel cable with a diameter of 5mm with super-strength, fireproof, anti-corrosion, anti-chemical.
     2) Step ladder: 
         + step ladder is made by aluminum  is 2cm in diameter, with high strength, anti rust, anti-corrosion. 
         + Designed to withstand slipping, minimizing the possibility of slipping when climbing.
         + The width of the ladder is 30cm, with the distance between the ladders is 40cm, creating comfort and no difficulty when climbing down.

       - Total bearing capacity of the ladder is up to 2000kg, each ladder weighs 250kg (Equivalent to more than 3 adults), extremely sure.
       - ES001 is available in lengths: 5m - 10m - 15m - 20m - 25m - 30m. People will be able to easily pick the ladder that best suits their home or apartment.

         ○ For 5m - 10m - 15m scale: will be included

              - Bat hook

             - Safety Lock: The safety lock is made by die-cast alloy up to 1000kg, with a very strong locking pin

            - Set of 3 Bulong hatched: Bulong blooming wall used in the bridge street industry

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