Gpth - Escape Mask- ES004
Gpth - Escape Mask- ES004 Gpth - Escape Mask- ES004 Gpth - Escape Mask- ES004



  • ES004 mask is made of high quality material, can filter 99.99% of toxic gas smoke, and continuously effective from 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Compact design, suitable for all types of faces in Vietnam.

ES004 Escape Mask includes:

 Mask box:

    - The box is compact in size, only 21/14 / 10.5 cm (long / wide / high), it can be neatly placed anywhere.


    - Covered in a vacuum bag, to avoid damage, trouble during unused.

   - Designed with a simple size that can fit all ages, all types of head, face type.

 Smoke filter:

  • It is designed in a variety of materials (activated carbon, ultra fine fibers, etc.), eliminating most of the dust, toxic gases generated in flames: CO, HCL, HCN, HF, NO, HBr, S , Cl, Phosgene ...
  • The most effective continuous 30-45 minutes, give you enough time to exit, or wait for the firefighters to rescue.
  • The filter is capable of filtering inhaled air with a capacity of 95 liters per minute with pressure with <800pa, and a capacity of 95 liters per minute with a pressure of <300pa. %.
  • The interior of the smoke filter is designed with soft rubber cushion, easy to use and can be used for all types of faces and ages.

 Mask head:

  • Is made of fireproof material and covered with aluminum foil, reduce the heat radiation to protect the head from damage while escaping.
  • Also, aluminum foil reflective effect, help the firefighters easily see you in easy smoke and timely rescue.

 Viewing Window:

  • Made of transparent glass, with enough width to give you a wide view, to easily move out.
  • And help protect your eyes.

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