Gpth - Safety Belt- ES003
Gpth - Safety Belt- ES003


+ ES003 safety belts can withstand loads of over 200 kg.

+ Compact design, suitable for all physique of Vietnam.

+ Made of high-grade material, super-strength, super durable.

Seat belt ES003 is designed with two main parts:

  • Belt: The belt is made of high-grade synthetic fibers, which are resistant to high forces and provide comfort to the wearer, regardless of the length of time.
    • The width of the straps may be suitable for small children, up to tall, muscular, with a waist up to 120cm.
  • Buckle-belt  is made of hard steel which increases the grip to the maximum, keeping the belt never dropped, very safe.
  • Keychain-belt : The wires are made of synthetic fibers, which are laid in the form of 1.5 cm diameter rope, very sturdy, with a length of 1.6m will be very handy.
    • One end of the cord is attached to the strap, the other end is made with a hook.
    • The hook is made of super hard, high-strength steel, 3cm wide, easily hooked into the stairs, as well as the tips (attached straps).

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