Gpth - Escape Roll Rope- ES002-50
Gpth - Escape Roll Rope- ES002-50 Gpth - Escape Roll Rope- ES002-50 Gpth - Escape Roll Rope- ES002-50


+ Super Steady, Super Sturdy Structure.

+ Helps escape quickly, on average at 30m, less than 1 minute for each exit.

ES002 Escape Roll Rope  include:

1) Special Discount Box:

This is a core component of the product, which consists of a complex set of pulleys, which adjusts the fall arrest rate (0.6 m / s on average), allowing the user to land slowly. , and safe, at any altitude.

Components in the gear reducer are made of high-grade alloy steel, anti-rust, anti-corrosion. The gearbox is made of high-grade alloys, which can withstand high impact. Morever, powder coated with high technology, anti-rus

(2) Set Bat hook:

Made of high-strength alloy, coated with high-grade electrostatic paint, can be installed outdoors, resistant to sunshine for a long time but not rust.

(3) Safety Hook:

Made of high grade steel, with a diameter of 1 cm, high strength. Combined with a safety lock, the hook can not be removed with any impact

(4) Set Escape Roll Rope  :

High-grade synthetic fiber, the inside is fireproof steel cable, super-strength steel, is used specifically in the rescue industry. The structure is very sturdy, can withstand the load, stretching up to 800 kg.

In addition, the steel cable core is extremely durable, able to withstand direct fire at temperatures up to more than 1300 ° C (Heat resistance is much higher than stainless steel cable - up to 1150 ° C).

The cord is wrapped around a plastic core, which keeps the cord from tangling or knotting, avoiding jamming during system operation.

(5) Safety belts:

At the two ends of the coil are designed with two safety belts, made of high-strength synthetic fibers, with a large, to hold the user's body, but still ensure the comfort during the escape. , no pain or fatigue.

(6) Accessories:

In addition, the 4-bolt hose coupler, M10 x 120, is made of carbon steel, which increases the strength of the product.

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