Gpth - Escape Roll Rope- CDTH06-42
Gpth - Escape Roll Rope- CDTH06-42 Gpth - Escape Roll Rope- CDTH06-42 Gpth - Escape Roll Rope- CDTH06-42

 Escape Roll Rope- CDTH06-42 includes: 

(1) Special Reduce speedBox:

Reduce speedBox is made of high quality alloy steel, ensuring no rust and corrosion. The gearbox is covered with an electrostatic powder coating, which is high-grade alloy material, so it can withstand high pressure. 

(2) Storage box

Storage box is made of high quality plastic, not deformed in environmental conditions, not fading, impermeable. Equipment is often stored in this box to extend the life span.

 (3) Safety Hook:

Made of high grade steel, with a diameter of 1 cm, high strength. Combined with a safety lock, the hook can not be removed with any impact.

 (4)Set Escape Roll Rope   :

Withstand direct fire with temperatures as high as 1300 °.

 (5) Safety belts:

Each set is equipped with two belts to be used alternately when exiting. These are large, orange strips that are high in strength. The outside is padded with foam padding to provide softness and no back pain when using. Wire can easily be adjusted to fit many people

 (6) Accessories:

In addition, the exits are equipped with two retractable bolts, made of flame retardant steel, to increase the strength of the product.

 (7) Bracket :

Brackets of products are made of steel and powder coated high grade. So it can be left outdoors without being rude for a long time

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