Bed 1.m6- American Oak
Bed 1.m6- American Oak


Bed is the most important furniture in human life. This sounds a bit loud, but it's quite accurate. Because, sleep is the only thing that has the direct and closest connection to the individual's energy.

Bed made of high quality imported white Oak, treated anti-war bite worm and PU paint carefully, beautiful ball. Steel components are sturdy and easy to install. The movable bed is supported by extremely strong metal bars, which are not afraid to vibrate or creak during use.




Product Details:

* Main Material: Oak White Oak (White Oak)
* Color: Natural American Oak

* Accessories: not included Accessories, decorations, mattresses ...
* Bed: use 10 thick horizontal bar = pine wood

* Warranty: 2 years.

Product dimensions :

* 1m6 bed:

- Size of envelope: Horizontal 172 x Length 212 x Height 100 (cm)

- Size of the mattress: 1m6 x 2m long

-> Encourage use of mattress> 9 cm

* Export: Vietnamese goods exported to European markets
* Brand name: Vietnam Export
* Product status: Products assembled


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