Patin Shoes - Power Star X8
Patin Shoes - Power Star X8

Skates World X8 highlights:
- Main colors: Black
- Shoes size: 38,39,40,41,42
- Maximum weight: 80kg
- Shoes form: Designed by high-quality plastic form, strong impact resistance, high strength, safety protection for users' legs joints.
- Boot shoes: Soft, breathable and removable for cleaning.
- Frame: Designed with titanium alloy, with good bearing capacity, avoid cracking when used excessively. Frame design follows bat shape, quite fancy and personality.
- Wheels: Made of solid rubber, hardness 85A good bearing capacity, large grip, avoid slippery. Slide very smoothly and does not emit sound if used long term. Especially X8 is the only line that can replace 4 small wheels with 3 big wheels. So young people who love the way of slipping can take the X8 as the optimal choice.
- Bearings: Abec7
- Wheels snails: This shoes model uses one-way snail line
- Shoes lock: Both the upper and lower keys are locked, easy to use and tighten.

With a strong design, personality and outstanding features for the riders, this Skates World X8 model will definitely be the best selling shoes model this summer.


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