Patin Shoes Flying Egle F1s
Patin Shoes Flying Egle F1s

You are wondering to choose a pair of shoes that suits you, you have known patin flying eagle but don't know which pair to choose for you too many shoes for you to refer. You are really confused and don't know what to do. So take a look at the parameters, outstanding features of this F1s, make sure you enjoy it for viewing.

+ Plastic form hold the ankle and protection when we sliding.
+ Solid rubber wheels creates a healthy feeling when sliding, sliding smoothly and compacting the legs
+ Abec 7 bearings slide quickly, avoid dust and limit rust when meeting water
+ Farme is made of high quality synthetic resin
+ Dual size makes it easy to choose
With 2 colors white and black and white pink suitable for both girl and boy.

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