Patin Shoes Flying Eagle S5S - Pink
Patin Shoes Flying Eagle S5S - Pink

Patin Flying Eagle S5S shoes are a form of roller skates dedicated for children, with outstanding quality. The shoes and shoes body are sturdy but still ensure the necessary flexibility and do not put pressure on the ankle.

High quality S5S patin wheels are like those for adults.

Adjustable size shoes easily fit into the child's feet by pressing the PUSH button on the shoes body and pulling (The sizes on a pair of roller skates are: 28-32, 33-37, 38-42). That is, on a S5S patin shoes you can adjust 5 different sizes.

Flying Eagle S5S patin shoes details

- Model name: Flying Eagle S5S
- Slide category: Slide, Slalom, Urban Skates, High Jump, Speed, Fitness.
- Full set of products including: Skates, Hexagonal tools, shoelaces.
- S5S patin shoes can be adjusted from: Size S (28-32), Size M (33-37), Size L (38-42) (ie on a pair of roller skates that can be adjusted to the same size). corresponding to the size of the child's foot)

Details of Flying Eagle S5S patin shoes construction

- Lock shoes: Lock FK, velcro, cord.
- Shoes collar: Plastic, fixed. Not removable.
- Shoes body: Plastic, high strength.
- Shock Eraser: Shockproof base (NO)
- Aluminum frame: Extruded Aluminum
- sizes: - sizes 28-32: Flying Eagle 72mm / 85a - sizes 33-37: Flying Eagle 76mm / 85a
- Bearings: ABEC 7 Standard
- Gear nuts: Steel core screws.
- Middle wheel cushion: 8mm molded cushion

Instructions for choosing size:

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