Patin Shoes Flying Eagle F2+
Patin Shoes Flying Eagle F2+

Flying Eagle's brand of patin shoes is one of the top choices when it comes to choosing a Flying Eagle F2 + patented quality roller skate with new features designed to be suitable for new players to complete your game. Peace of mind when practicing.

Flying Eagle F2 + cheap roller skates shined on the rink with their own strength and individuality. a design exclusively for adventurous skater with artistic and class skating.

Product characteristics:

+ The neck lock has a hugging ring to help the shoes hug the legs better.
+ Shoes body: made of high quality plastic material against impact and shock
+ Boot shoes: seasoned made of smooth fabric and cushion material, creating a comfortable feeling when using + Frame: Made from alloy, thick and firm, very strong bearing
+ Wheel: made from solid rubber
Size 36-39 (2 wheels 72mm, 2 wheels 76 mm)
Size 40-45 wheel 76 mm, 2 wheels 80 mm).
Bearings: Flying Eagle ABEC-7

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