Patin Shoes Flying Eagle BKB B6
Patin Shoes Flying Eagle BKB B6

Patin gives players the clever and flexibility while enhancing health for players. Currently there are many friends who choose this sport. Understanding the desire to own a pair of suitable patin shoes, please introduce the flying eagle product BKB B6

Product Description
- Shoes buckle: can be easily removed (repaired, replaced), because it is attached with screws
- Casing: Made of high quality plastic, good impact resistance
- Structure: locking shoes, accessories are removable easily
- Frame: made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, solid, using CNC lathe technology, do not worry about bending or breaking
- Wheel: solid rubber, good elasticity, size (72mm / 76mm / 80mm), hardness 85A.
- Boot is made from very smooth fabric, breathable and smooth cushion, players will always feel dry and sweaty feet.
- Bearings: use ABEC 7 standard steel bearings

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