Patin Shoes Cougar MZS867
Patin Shoes Cougar MZS867

Patin is a very interesting sport and is increasingly chosen by many parents for their babies to participate in their physical, mental and physical training. However, for the new sub-steps to learn about the patin products for children, not everyone knows how to choose the right shoes model and ensure the safety of the baby, help the child to practice safe health and effective. Cougar shoes PCG8 is the more accurate choice of parents

- Boot shoes: Shoes lining is made of fabric. The boot layer is attached to the fixed external hard plastic, making the shoes more solid.
- The frame: made from a fairly firm alloy, beautiful and standard frame shape, extremely eye-catching.
- Wheel: made of PU plastic material with high elasticity, durability, anti-tear, scratch-resistant, high impact resistance
- Bearings: good quality ABEC 7 bearings but cheap price is convenient for replacement when necessary
- Braking: Brake behind the right leg has good friction, making it easy for players to control the speed of play
Size: S (30-33), M (34-37) / L (38-41)

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