Patin Shoes - Cougar MZS-798 Green
Patin Shoes - Cougar MZS-798 Green

- Size: S (30 ~ 32), M (32 ~ 35), L (36 ~ 39)

- Boot plastic: Plastic for high durability, anti-bumping against baby's legs to help her go to dress more leg. The shoes body is capable of withstanding up to 50kg weight, protects and helps to avoid the possibility of turning the ankle when used.

- Solid rubber cake, withstands good pressure to go smoothly and safely.


- Shoes with sturdy aluminum alloy frame, bearings with ABEC 7 hardness, 72mm-sized wheels, 80A PU plastic hardness and brakes. The 4-way sliding 4-wheel design with the same diameter, good friction on all sliding terrain makes it easy to rotate and turn the head when sliding.

- Boot fabric: Polyester synthetic fabric is thick and very smooth. Along with the extremely open mesh, sweat escaping embracing the foot ring gives the children a sense of comfort

- The frame: Titanium alloy is very strong. Good bearing with light weight.

- ABEC 7 bearings have high bearing strength, durability, abrasion resistance due to good friction, ensuring durability for bearings. In addition, the balls in the bearings are stabilized in the clamps (wrap belt), ensuring uniform size and stable temperature while sliding.

The shoes has a sturdy frame structure with 2 hard aluminum alloy frames to ensure the stability of the shoe when slipping, while supporting the whole foot as well as the ankle of the player to minimize the foot injury. can happen when practicing

- Sports style with green color is very stylish and stylish, suitable for both men and women.

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