Patin Shoes Cougar 309 XANH
Patin Shoes Cougar 309 XANH

Patin Cougar has just launched the new Cougar Typhoon - Storm, promising to storm the market of patin shoes in the near future.

Slide category: Slide, Slalom, Urban Skates, High Jump, Speed, Fitness.

Complete products include: Skates, Hexagonal tool, Shoelaces.

Shoes lock: Lock closure FK, zipper, cord.
Shoes collar: Plastic Plastic, fixed. Removable.
Shoes body: Plastic Plastic, high strength.
Shock Eraser: Shock proof base (YES)
Strong alloy body, high strength. Besides, the design is also extremely beautiful and delicate.
Wheel: Solid rubber wheel, high rigidity smooth, smooth on all terrain.


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