Patin Shoes Cougar 303 - Blue-Green
Patin Shoes Cougar 303 - Blue-Green Patin Shoes Cougar 303 - Blue-Green Patin Shoes Cougar 303 - Blue-Green

Human life is increasingly improved. Therefore, modern sports are growing. In addition to traditional sports such as soccer, badminton, swimming, new sports such as skateboarding, roller skating ... with youthful and conquering nature have attracted young people. Today we would like to introduce to you the line of quality patin shoes which are the most favored in the world today. Cougar pro- product just launched this year of cougar firm !!

- Size: S (30 ~ 32), M (32 ~ 35), L (36 ~ 39)
- Boot plastic: Plastic for high durability, anti-bumping against baby's legs to help her go to dress more legs. The shoes body is capable of withstanding up to 50kg weight, protects and helps to avoid the possibility of turning the ankle when used.
- Solid rubber wheels, withstands good pressure to go smoothly and safely.
- Boot fabric: Polyester synthetic fabric is thick and very smooth. Along with the extremely open mesh, sweat escaping embracing the foot ring gives the children a sense of comfort
- The frame: Titanium alloy is very strong. Good bearing with light weight.
- Bearings: ABEC 7 Standard for good quality speed and friction.

Complimentary 2 out of 3 products in the protective kit: Shoe bag and Helmet, or limb protection.

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