Patin Shoes - Calary C2
Patin Shoes - Calary C2

You are worried when you play sports alone when you are not there to protect, or are thinking about finding a sport for your child to help your child be happy. Calary c2 will smash all your worries. You can rest assured to work without worrying about your child
With high quality plastic form design, plastic lock for legs, make sure your baby loves to play and discover without worrying about hitting hard

- High quality solid rubber wheels withstands good pressure, creating a large friction on the road surface to help children slide their feet and smooth their feet.
- Boot shoes are smooth and airy, can be removed and removed for cleaning when used for a while
- High-quality alloy shoe frame, withstands high pressure against strong impact
- Braking is designed on the right leg of the shoe with good friction, making it easy for players to control the speed of play
- Colors: pink, blue
-Size shoes:
There are 3 sizes adjusted flexibly. size S (28-31 M (32-35) L (36-39)

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