Patin Shoes - Cougar MZS180116
Patin Shoes - Cougar MZS180116

- The Patin shoes company has just launched a new product line, Cougar CR1
- Young shoes design, more convenient for you to play.
- Design with legs, firm with steel frame.
- You can use shoes to train with friends on flat terrain such as concrete roads, asphalt roads.


Shoes size: Just like other children's roller skating shoes Caugar, roller shoes have 3 sizes adjusted flexibly. size S - M - L

For babies who weigh between 12 - 45kg.

Size S (30- 33) for children 3 - 5 years old
Size M (34-37) for children aged 6-9 years
Size L (38-42) for children over 10 years old

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