Patin Shoes - Cougar CR9
Patin Shoes - Cougar CR9

The skilled roller skates can not ignore this perfect choice cougar roller skates CR9 has met all the above essentials to form a standard pair of skates for you. The brand COUGAR will definitely make you extremely happy

CRO patinCOUGAR shoes have 2 colors for you to choose: Black Blue and Black Rose to give you confidence in your own style.

Product details:
+ High-heeled shoes, boots and boots, smoothness, hugging the ankles, helping the legs to be fully protected and moving most comfortable
+ Semi-automatic lock for easy release.
+ On the body of the shoes, there are many breathable holes designed to be distributed around and near the neck of the shoe, creating a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere, reducing sweat during exercise.
+ The top lock of roller skates with wire buckle made of plastic has high toughness, and the head lock made of stainless metal has high durability and bouncing.
+ Lock under 45-degree tilt button design helps lock more tightly and more durable, with a neat style make sure a lot you will like professional lock like this.
+ Frame: Aluminum alloy has high durability, very good strength
+ Wheels: Using Polyurethane materials (PU) has more elasticity than rubber and is very durable and tougher than metal. Has oil resistance, scratch resistance, tear resistance, and good abrasion resistance

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