Fujika- Stan fan -FS40 B
Introducing the FJ-FS40 B Fanless Fan
FJ-FS40 B Noise Control Unit is a household appliance designed with modern style, sophistication, elegant color and outstanding features. The genuine Fujika fan does not only function as a conventional fan, it also acts as a decorative object for your home more comfortable and modern.
The rotor of this household electrical appliance is designed with modern design and high quality plastic material, durable safety for the user. In addition, the FJ-FS40 B fanless fan with a powerful 3-blade fan blade structure of 40cm diameter will create a powerful airflow for cooling your home.
Fan is designed with high quality materials painted with a powder coating, anti-rust, less dust, easy to clean and good insulation, ensure safety when used. The fan base is designed with high quality plastic material with high load capacity and modern suspension style. You can easily move the fan to any place in the house space
The FJ-FS40 B fanless motor has a brass body with a power of up to 50W for smooth operation and no noise. Equipped with 3-speed rotary control, this household appliance will make it easy to operate the fan on and off, as well as adjust the airflow lightly or intensively according to your needs. With three rotor blades with a small diameter of about 40cm and a cage woven into a wavy shape, this household appliance makes the winds are evenly distributed and gentle, providing a pleasant feeling for the user.
How to use the long-lasting FJ-FS40 B fan
-Use the correct FJ-FS40 B blower fan: You should regularly check the condition of the cord as well as the broken plug or mice bite. If you discover that the power cord of this household electrical appliance is broken, the power switch is not working properly and the power plug is disconnected when the plug is used, you should replace the cord to avoid short circuiting. When this uncontrolled tree fan is in rotational mode, you should not use the fan to move the fan as it will cause the control button to become greasy. You should not let wire or burn hair close to the fan in operation, as the rotating fan will easily slip into the shaft and cause the performance of the appliance to be reduced, heating the engine.
- Periodontal FJ-FS40 B Fan Care and Maintenance: Usually when using this household electrical appliance for a long time, they will get dusty. To maintain the durability of the fan, you should clean and sanitize them periodically. The cleaning of the fanless Fujika fan is simple, you only need to disassemble parts such as fan blades, fan cages and wash with water and wipe with a dry cloth.
During cleaning, do not let the water fall into the engine inside the machine as it can lead to electric shock and fire. In order to make the electric motor of your household electrically active, you should regularly apply the engine oil to the rotary motor of the fan to make it operate smoothly.
-Fish-free FJ-FS40 B Fan Conservation: Keep this appliance clean and well maintained so store it carefully. If you do not use the fan anymore, you should clean the fan before storage, replacing the fan oil, checking the power cord and the plug. Finally, you should preserve this unmanaged tree fan in places where airy, clean and dry space.

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