Fujika- Stand fan - FJ7MR

Fujika FJ-7MR with compact design, smart, eye-catching shape. Lower base has wheels to help you move fans from one place to another quickly, more profitable. Water chambers, mosquito nets, control panels are on the front of the fan to make handling the fan more convenient. FJ-7MR is made of high quality plastic with black color, eye catching, not fade color makes your room becomes more beautiful.

Interior design of FJ-7MR
The fan is divided into two parts: the fan cage, the fan base with the equipment. The front of the fan cowl with spray front fog is convenient for spraying, the fan made of high-grade plastic should be when the rotation limit noise to the maximum. Lower body with LED display, joystick, water tank, mosquito net and base.

Benefits and features of the FJ-7MR
Fujika FJ-7MR fountain fan with subtle design
The Fujika FJ-7MR fog fan is safe for the user
 The ability to spray mist quickly create moisture, the wind is cool: the ability is not any fan also, it will help your skin not dry in hot weather that your skin always have the appropriate moisture, feel comfortable for the body. Fast fan fogging, high power and rapid rotation speed and wide swing angle increase the wind flow to create cool breeze with fast moisture. Angle of rotation is greater than other products that help you feel cool and quickly cool down in the days.

 Natural Wind Mode: FJ-7MR has 3 different wind speeds suitable for different ages and health conditions. You can easily select the fan speed or mist spray mode to bring the appropriate wind to your family members. Convenient remote control mode: with remote control mode you It can be operated conveniently and easily without having to stand up and travel repeatedly. There is also a sleep timer for sleep fans or for use in air-conditioned rooms to save your family.
Ion Clean Room Air Conditioner: The FJ-7MR has a fog mode that adjusts the level of moisture balance in the air, keeping the skin from becoming too dry or excessively moist in the room. Built-in humidifier, deodorizer, and ionic mode clean the air very quickly, so that the space in your room is always airy, pleasant, has a balance of humidity and air.
Note when using the FJ-7MR:
Fujika FJ-7MR fog fan saves electricity
Replace the remote control battery periodically
Do not put the fan at too high a height or put up something
Regulates the mood appropriately for people who price, and young children or those with weak health.
Regular fan cleaning.
Do not use sharp objects to clean the fan.
Use hygienic water to spray mist.


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