Fissler - Fissler Berlin Collection Pan Set-5 Piece


Fissler Berlin 5-Piece Pot - "In the Kitchen Like It"

Let your domestic work be more enjoyable with a 5-piece Fissler Berlin potter box imported from Germany, molded from 18/10 stainless steel, high durability, easy to clean, pot bottom 5 Fast absorption of heat, heat dissipation, fast food, ripe fruit, keep full flavor, perform various functions from cooking stew, storing, cooking hot pot fried, fried, fried; Insulated handles, safe for use.




The Fissler Berlin 5-piece set includes:

+ 01 diameter of 16 cm - capacity of 1.4 liters

+ 01 pot diameter 16cm - capacity 2L

+ 01 pot diameter of 20cm - capacity of 2.4L

+ 01 pot diameter of 20cm - capacity of 3.6L

+ 01 pot diameter of 24cm - capacity of 5.7L



                                                           Sophisticated design detailing the five Fissler Berlin pots


- Made in Germanny, imported from Germany, full import-export documents, quality commitments

- Elegant design, outstanding

- Casting monolith from 18/10 stainless steel, high strength

- Diverse cooking, soup, soup, fried, fried, roasted.

- The bottom of the 5-layer heat-fast cooker, for faster cooked food, more even, tastier

- Stainless steel lid, beautiful, durable, better impact than glass

- Keep the taste, nutrients through the tight lid tight

- Safe to use with sturdy, secure handle

- rugged water level meter

- Large pots easily pour food out of it

- Suitable for cooking on all types of cookers

- Use in oven, dishwasher

- Diverse size

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