Fissler - Fissler Luno Black Collection Pan Set-4 piece

Non-stick coating Protectal + extremely good, safe for health

Using a non-stick cookware helps you to reduce the amount of grease you need to use, the easier to process the sticky food, but to ensure your family safety, only select the product. Advanced anti-sticking and safe for health. It is necessary to stop the use of products with a thin layer of anti-adhesive, easily peeling poor quality to avoid high risk of disease to the family.

With double superglue protection, double that of Fissler superior anti-glare coatings and more than the competition, the Protectal + technology makes the Fissler Luno boiler extremely durable and durable. Easy to clean after processing. In particular, Fissler non-stick coatings are completely non-PFOA, completely safe for health.

100% produced in Germany, achieved the prestigious prizes for quality and design
set of pot - Luno sets of awards

From stage to design, material selection, through many stages until the completion of a product. Fissler has experienced many quality tests in accordance with German standards - well known as the process of cutting. modern, leading edge.

Always be transparent about the origin of the product, only genuine Fissler products made in Germany, the bottom of the pot with new products marked "Made in Germany" and the set of four Fissler Luno non-stick. a typical.

Exclusive Cookstar Bottom Technology with 3 layers of flooring - Good heat transfer with all types of cookers
Cookstar pots have been invented by Fissler since 1995 and have been successfully used in other products such as Original Pro pots, Vitavit pressure cookers and Fissler pans.

* Each size Fissler Luno cooker will have slightly different Cookstar motifs.

Unlike stamping with conventional technology, the formation of gaps in the bottom of the pot leads to poor heat transfer or the bottom of the pot is prone to warping. Fissler used the technique of stamping the bottom of the pot fusing at temperatures as high as 600oC with a force of 1500 tons, three layers of this pot sticking firmly together as one. In addition, the outermost layer of the pot with star shaped Cookstar is carefully calculated in size, shape ... to ensure thoroughly solve the problem of thermal expansion when heating the metal, keeping the bottom of the pot. The Fissler Luno is always flat, absorbing all the heat from the stove and evenly distributing it throughout the kettle, even if the heat supply is just one point when you use the stove.

* Fissler Cookstar bottom pot simulation experiment

Cover the lid to retain the maximum flavor of the dish
No need to open the lid to prevent overflow when boiling or refill water again!

Often cooking, especially the water, you still have to open the lid occasionally so that the water in the food when it does not boil out of the kitchen. Alternatively, pick up the lid of the pot with a steam vent, but the disadvantage of this cap is that it causes more water vaporization, which means the nutrients in the food also disappear and you have to add more water. to compensate for the loss of steam.

With the lid of the Fissler Luno, thanks to its weight as well as its tight fitting design, the lid of the pot is always sealed to make the dish evenly cooked, as well as keeping it warm for as long as you do not need it. And notice that in the middle of each lid Fissler Luno has a small dimples, this special design allows the steam to evaporate, condensing a small point and down into the pot, minimizing the exit water vapor. In addition, it helps to store between the maximum nutrients for the dish.

Robust handles and smart insulation

The handle of the four-piece Fissler Luno cookware is made of stainless steel, with a sturdy handle that ensures durability over time. In particular, with the design of the insulating gasket makes the handle is not too hot when cooking, convenient to move the pot during processing without the need to use the pot lift.

Benefit the user with the smallest details
pot pot - pot luno

Convenient scale when measuring food intake without having to use a dedicated scale or cup.

The circular pot makes the food easier to stir, food is not entangled in the corner, easy to clean after use. More convenient when you want to create a round shape for food, you can use the processing directly on the Fissler Luno no stick stick without pouring out molds separately.


Fissler Luno 24cm - 4,9L

Fissler Luno 20cm - 2.8L

Fissler Luno 18cm - 2L

Fissler Luno 18cm - 2L

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