Doogee - Mini android  smart cube P1 - chip 4 inch, 100 inch
Doogee - Mini android  smart cube P1 - chip 4 inch, 100 inch

Android Smart TV Mini Box Doogee Smart Cube P1 - 4 cores - Zoom up to 100inch
Android Smart TV Mini Box Projector - What is Smart Cube
In the market today, Android TV Box almost everyone knows and knows very well about its entertainment capabilities. Buying one is simple, but to use it it is mandatory to have a TV screen, and everyone wants to have as big a screen as possible. It is not easy to buy a big screen because of its high price.

Things get simpler with the Cube P1 - an integrated Android Smart TVBox and high-end slide show with up to 90-inch wide zoom. Feeling truly satisfying audiovisual needs in the field of mobile technology and computers. Android TV project - The Smart Cube is used to display photos and videos from your computer or laptop and mobile phone, bringing a unique new experience and many of its advantages, include:

Compact size and light weight of 290 grams, cube size 62 mm;
High-performance four-core processor - Quad-core Quad-Core 1.54 Ghz - Cotex A5
1 GB of DDR3 RAM, 8 GB of Flash;
Connect via two Micro-USB and USB 2.0 ports,
Supports 802.11b / g / n standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology;
Transfer videos and photos via AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA;
Excellent video display at 1280 x 720 HD resolution
4800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery for up to 3 hours of use; Can be used as a backup battery (Power Bank):
The 1.2-watt stereo speaker output connects well to Bluetooth speakers
Connecting to other devices is simple in two ways: directly with wifi and casting via smartphone (like chromecast)
Wireless keyboard or mouse control or voice control via a dedicated software.
Using Android 4.4, the device lets you connect to the CH play repository software freely, as well as familiar to familiar users.
With this function, the Cube P1 can turn your room into a small movie theater without having to buy a channel monitor. Moreover, with its compact design, 3 hours battery life, the device is easy to move regardless of location.
Rich color eye-catching with the Rubic cube. The product is designed for the European market and is guaranteed to be durable and environmentally friendly.
Extremely large screen size
The device is small but the screen magnification is not small at all. According to the manufacturers standard, the Smart Cube P1 zooms up to 90 inches (equivalent to 2 meters x 1.1 meters). But in the darkness of the cinema can reach 100ich without breaking the grain (equivalent to 2.5m x 1.3m)

Widely used in all areas of Android TV Smart Box Mini Projector
Personal entertainment at home:
Sit back and lie on the ceiling to enjoy the movies that are being played on the ceiling, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the study room, regardless of whether the TV is hanging or a messy TV connection. People who enjoy reading books in the bathroom will probably be happy to watch the movie right in the bathroom. J. Connect to gaming devices like the Bluetooth handsfree or 2.4 GHz to experience this fascinating. Cube P1.

Multimedia entertainment for outdoor camping is more lively
Get a camping tent for the screen is to get a professional liveshow with music videos attractive, vibrant or simply add a sound box that can have a live 90-inch karaoke screen. Its too simple, because with 3 hours of battery life, its too much to tire out.

Create a private space in the car:
Take the car ceiling to make the screen turn up 2 benches back, i like a personal movie theater that in the HD cafe in Saigon. The rich imagination will be for you when deciding to experience it.

At the hotel when traveling:
Needless to say, its so convenient to have pre-installed Kodi, XBMC, FlyTV to see everything and leave the poor LCD screen that the hotel has to offer as a five star hotel.

Servicing for presentations, presentations and training
High-performance, lightweight, high-performance Android TV projector Smart Cube allows you to set up meeting rooms anywhere, without ever having to rent a meeting room. Imagine you are Startup wanting to present the idea of calling for investment, but can only talk to the investor on the airport when leaving. Turn on Smart Cute, start powerpoint or cast with the phone start slide show in the car. Waiting room, procedure room, vip launch room, on the plane ... where can also be meeting room. Mobile Counseling is also supported by Smart Cube.

Specifications of the Android TV Smart Box
1. CPU: Amlogic 4 core Quad Core
2. Android 4.4 operating system
3. 8G + 1G DDR3 memory
4. Supports: OTG, Miracast, DLNA, Airplay,
5. USB2.0: 1 micro USB port 5pin + 1 USB type A
6. Cooling fan: 40 x 40 x 6.9
7. Wifi: B / G / N 2.4Ghz 802.11
8. Audio Speaker 1.2w stereo

Technical details of the Projector part
1. Display TI DLP
2. Brightness 70 lumen / 3w
3. Light source: Osram Led
4. Led life time 30,000 hours
5. Aspect ratio 16: 9
6. Maximum resolution 1280 * 720
Resolution 854 * 480
Contract Contract 800: 1
9. Focus: manual
10. offset 100%
Battery capacity 3.8V 4800mAH
12. work time 3h continuously
Product Information Smart TV Mini Projector Smart Cube P1 (Red White)
Package includes:
· X Mini Android TV Box Smart Smart P1
· 1 x Remote Controller
· 1 x Charging Cord
· 1 x dedicated adapter
· 1 x English guide
· 1 x warranty card

The Cube looks like a 62mm Rubik. No need for a tripod like other mini projectors.
At 62 mm it is one of the most compact projectors available today.
Because it is very compact, it is highly mobile, can carry anywhere.
Is a substitute for a regular TV + TV Box equipment. Because it runs a standalone Android operating system. So its a smart mini projector
Since it runs the standalone android operating system, it can install applications for watching movies, playing games, surfing the web like a smartphone. With Android operating system, its easy and convenient to use.
Products are built to bring the best personal entertainment. And if you want to connect to a large speaker system, the projector has Bluetooth connectivity to connect with the larger speakers.
The Cube projector uses DLP technology with a brightness of 70 lumens / 3w. This is technology that does not affect our eyes. Any surface can be projected at a distance of 3.3 m to 100 inches Full HD
The Cube projector has a Miracast function for the Android smartphone. Miracast is a function that zooms the screen of the phone onto the large screen of the Cube projector. Especially between the Cube projector and the phone does not need to sync Wifi. There are now a lot of Miracast stores that connect to regular TVs via HDMI to help connect the phones screen to the TV.
In addition, it has Airplay function, help launch screen of Iphone, Ipad, IMac, Macbook of Apple on the big screen. This is a function that not every smart TV product has. However, to use this function, the Cube projector and Apple devices must sync on the same wifi.
Also, like the Miracast or Airplay, the Cube projector also features DLNA functionality to accommodate more devices such as cameras, projectors ... without the need for any wires.
With such functionality, it fulfills the need for personal entertainment, which makes it easier to teach professional presentation and flexibility.
Another function that is in critical situation, your phone is out of battery, Cube projector can recharge your phone with battery power of 4,800mAh.

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