D-Link - Giga Switch 24 gates 10/100/1000M RJ45 (DGS-1024D/E)
D-Link - Giga Switch 24 gates 10/100/1000M RJ45 (DGS-1024D/E) D-Link - Giga Switch 24 gates 10/100/1000M RJ45 (DGS-1024D/E) D-Link - Giga Switch 24 gates 10/100/1000M RJ45 (DGS-1024D/E) D-Link - Giga Switch 24 gates 10/100/1000M RJ45 (DGS-1024D/E)

Switch D-Link 24P DGS 1024D
D-Link DGS-1024D
24 ports with LED indicator


Equipped with 24 connectors that will meet the needs of multiple computers connected to the Internet in large spaces such as office or commercial demand ... LED display makes it easy to control the situation. The status of each port.

D-Link DGS-1024D/E - Switch 24 Cổng 10/100/1000M

With the product, you can use to run Bootroom for the net game room will help you with the demand for online game room is a lot of game room to buy because of the reasonable price, durable, convenient and economical. be more costly. In addition, the device can also be mounted 19 "rack.

The D-Link DGS-1024D connects automatically to the speed dial

Works with a gateway that automatically detects network connections and adjusts the speed accordingly, to ensure the speed of operation of the device, making it more convenient to access, split Share data and entertainment with movies, online games without causing network lag.


D-Link DGS-1024D/E - Switch 24 Cổng 10/100/1000M

D-Link DGS-1024D Environmentally friendly

Designed with durable metal material, long life, no toxic produce to help you peace of mind when using.

With Store & Forward switching capability, the D-Link DGS-1024D / E will save energy without sacrificing the performance and functionality of the connected devices.

Experience true Gigabit Ethernet speeds with the D-Link DGS-1024D

providing power, reliable operation, low cost and space-saving design. Increase server and backbone connection speed. Office users, workgroups, or creative production environments can move files with higher bandwidth and faster bandwidth. Transfer images, CGI, CAD files or media files over the network instantly. Designed according to the standard, the DGS-1024D can be mounted on a standard 19-inch rack.

The non-blocking switch architecture allows filtering and forwarding of packets at the highest speed, for maximum traffic. An 8K MAC address table provides fast switching even for the largest networks. The 802.3x Flow Control feature for duplex mode, and backflow control for half duplex mode, reduces the congestion and ensures reliable data transmission. Designed to be industry standard, it is compatible with virtually all 10, 100, and 1000Mbps Ethernet devices and other device manufacturers.

Easy to install and maintain
The automatic features of this switch make installation easy - plug and play, avoiding the hassle. No configuration required. The Auto-MDI / MDI-X feature on all ports eliminates the need for crossover cables to connect to other switches or hubs. The Auto-Negotiation feature on each port automatically detects the connection speed of network devices (such as 10, 100, 1000Mbps) and intelligently adjusts for compatibility and best-of-breed performance. It also features LEDs diagnostics, which display status and activity status, allowing you to quickly detect and correct network problems. Each port also supports cable diagnostics to help you detect cable problems.


802.1p Quality of Service
The DGS-1024D supports 802.1p QoS. When the switch receives a data frame with 802.1p priority assignment, it will automatically put this data frame into one of the four priority queues. Priority queues are useful for performing time-sensitive data such as audio and video streaming.

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