DangcapHD - Android Box TV DangcapHD H1

After many successful products, the DangcapHD tv box continues to launch a new product line 2017 called DangcapHD H1 with strong configuration, stable but cheap price, quality assurance. This is a new product launched in the market with outstanding features SMART BOX, turn your regular TV into a smart TV wifi connection use as a smartphone ANDROID.

With this Android Box, you can enjoy movies, music, web surfing, youtube, viber, wechat, zalo ... everything on a compact, convenient device.

Cheap products, 2 year warranty, full accessories, free wireless mouse, with movie account Free HD 1 year, with lifetime KODI.


One account, experience HD level on platforms such as Mobile, PC / Laptop, SmartTV and HD Box.

High quality Streaming Technology

HD Classes use advanced Streaming & Stereo technology for all network operators.


With more than 100 domestic and international channels, HD quality, review feature lets you never miss your favorite shows.

Movies, Children, Show, Music, Humor, ..

Thousands of Hollywood movies are regularly updated on HD.

Kodi Digital Store with attractive content attractive children.

Many gameshow shows, comedy, music and rich, ..

Varied 3D and 4K content.

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