Cuho - Cooker - RC-700-1801-A2
Cuho - Cooker - RC-700-1801-A2
Some outstanding features of the Cuho RC-700-1801-A2 cooker
- Cuho RC-700-1801-A2 rice cooker possesses beautiful design with delicate and elegant pinkish white color.
- Non-stick coating made of new technology that lasts more than 25%.
- Rice cooking mode lasts for more than 12 hours to bring you delicious meals all the time.
- Large capacity up to 1L8 to meet the needs of families with 5-7 people eat.
- Power up to 700W to help boiling rice faster
Cuho RC-700-1801-A2 rice cooker possesses delicate white color and elegant patterns.
The Cuho RC-700-1801-A2 rice cooker has a large internal width that improves cooking speed.
The pot of Cuho Rice Cooker RC-700-1801-A2

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