Combo Patin Shoes - Flying Eagle V5
Combo Patin Shoes - Flying Eagle V5

- Flying Eagle V5 Patin Shoes Combo is a professional patin shoes for kids, with outstanding quality.
- The shoes and shoes neck are sturdy but still ensure the necessary flexibility and do not put pressure on the ankle.
- High quality V5 COMBO patin shoes wheels are like those for adults.
- Adjustable size shoes easily fit the child's feet by pressing the PUSH button on the shoe body and pulling (The sizes on a pair of patin shoes are: 28-32, 33-37, 38-42).
- That means on a V5 COMBO patin shoes you can adjust 5 different sizes.

- Full set of products including: Skates, Hexagonal tools, shoelaces.
- V5 patin shoes can be adjusted from: Size S (28-33), Size M (33-37), Size L (38-42) (that mean on a pair of shoes that can be adjusted to similar sizes corresponding to the size of the child's foot)
- Lock shoes: Lock FK, velcro, cord.
- Shoes collar: Plastic plastic, fixed. Not removable.
- Shoes body: Plastic plastic, high strength.
- Shock Eraser: Shockproof base (NO)

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