Coil Master KBag - Coil Master Ohm Mete

Coil Master Ohm Meter is an important tool for measuring the resistance and voltage of vaping atomizers and other hardware. Can be used for any Vaper!

Product Specifications:
Resistance test: 0.01Ohm-9.99Ohm
Test voltage: 0.01V-9.99V
Operating voltage: 2.2V-5.5V
Test items: test the resistance of atomizers and battery voltage
Current work: Less than 10mAh no object tested
less than 30mAh with test object
Wait for power consumption: Less than 10uA
Color: black
Weight: 50g
Packing: beautiful black box

Standard configuration:
1 * Meter Device
2 * connection

How to use:
There are two ports on the ohmmeter and several voltmeter. The nearby LED display is for testing voltage and another for test resistance.

(Ports for eGo-threaded devices and connections for 510-threaded devices.)

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