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Chảo Chống Dính Goldsun FP-GC424
Chảo Chống Dính Goldsun FP-GC424

1. Safe anti-stick surface:
The inside surface of non-stick coating Chemours - LLC made of non-Stick coating is durable, certified to be absolutely safe for health, resistant to high temperatures.

2. Roll the pan firmly:
High quality plastic pan handle, good insulation, hanging hook on the wall, shelves easily with hook hole design at the end of pan handle, fastening screws, easy to move.

3. Durable bottom, anti-slip:
Outside Goldsun FP-GC424 has a high level of anti-oxidation layer, easy to clean when dirty, the bottom of the pan is specially designed to quickly absorb heat, radiate heat, prevent slipping.

4. Instructions:
- Do not wash while the pan is still hot. Let the pot cool before adding to water and wash.
- Do not leave food for too long in the pan or put the pan too long on the stove without food, the surface of the nonstick layer will be damaged.
- Do not use hard, sharp objects to stir or stir food on the surface of the pan. It is best to use heat-resistant wooden or plastic objects.
- Clean the pan with a soft sponge, avoiding metal scrubbing.

Chảo Chống Dính Goldsun FP-GC424

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