transfer cable  MINI DISPLAY TO HDMI (1.8M)
transfer cable  MINI DISPLAY TO HDMI (1.8M)

Mini Display 1.5m HDMI cable for macbook air, macbook pro
The mini displayport switch port allows macbooks from 2009 to be used to display or output images and sound to LCD TVs. LED Plasma Projector .....

Use the mini display cable :
Install the sound: System References- Sound - Output (stick to the HDMI port labeled by the LCD you use, remember to select this before listening to music or watching movies)
Set up the image: After connecting to the LCD turn to System References - Display - Arrangement - Mirror Displays (if you want two monitors to play the same but remember to set the screen resolution to match the LCD. The resolution should only be left in parallel with two screens because the screen on the LCD can set 1080p)
Minidisplay cable specifications :
Length: 1.8 meters
Operating voltage 5V Mini displayport input
Output: HDMI
 Features: Used to switch ports from the mini display port to the HDMI port of the LCD

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