Camera Sports SJCam SJ5000X 2K GYRO WIFI
Sports Camera SJCAM SJ5000X 2K Gyro WiFi 2.0 is the exclusive distributor of SJCAM's latest technology, which is being distributed exclusively at The SJCom SJ5000 X 2K Gyro Wifi 2.0 is inherited and developed from the SJCAM SJ5000 Wifi and SJCAM SJ5000 Action Camera, powered by the NTK96660 Novatek CPU-Gryo Anti- Shake chipset for ultra-fast image processing, 2.0 ", anti-shake, support for 2K video recording (2560x1440P) and 60fps (1920x1080p) for ultra-clear video, Full HD 12 Mega Pixels (4032 * 3024). technology, like outdoor sports, adventurous, the SJcam SJ5000 X 2K Gyro Wifi is the first choice.

SJcam SJ5000X 2K Gyro Wifi 2.0 with all the features of a cruise camera as the go-ahead. It is designed for mounting on locations such as helmets, bicycle recorders, motorcycles, cars, remote control aircraft even in your home to perform security functions. , the main purpose is to capture the video back to the images that the user wishes.

Some features of the product:
The product is compact, lightweight (61 × 42.4 × 25 mm) with a weight of 58 g without battery and 74 g with a battery that makes it easy to carry it anywhere. The SJcam SJ5000X 2K Gyro Wifi 2.0 is equipped with a waterproof cover that allows video footage for swimming, diving under 30 meters deep without having to worry about anything. With many colors Red, Green, Yellow, Black etc .... for your comfortable choice.

Image quality:
The SJcam SJ5000X 2K Gyro Wifi 2.0 is equipped with the NTK96660 Novatek CPU chipset - Full HD Full HD CMOS sensor image sensor up to 12 Mega Pixels (4032 * 3024) for ultra fast and sharp image processing. , with wide-screen LCD 2.0, 170-degree wide-angle lens, multiple shutter modes for you to choose from:

12 Mega Pixels (4032*3024)
10 Mega Pixels(3648*2736)
8 Mega Pixels((3264*2448)
5 Mega Pixels(2592*1944)
3 MP(2048*1536)

Khám phá Đại dương xanh cùng SJcam SJ500 X 2K

Video quality:
SJcam SJ5000X 2K Gyro Wifi 2.0 has 2K video recording function (2560x1440p) 30fps and 60fps (1920x1080p) / 1280x720 120fps Rotating wheel 170 degrees, auto white balance, anti-shake and can zoom 4x, the video is always there. High quality, sharp and beautiful.

Simple Wifi connection:
Integrating wifi connectivity with smart smartphones through SJCAM HD application, now photography or video recording is simple and effective. You can take pictures and shoot video remotely without touching the camera, the fun pictures are created perfectly and in a new way. Try sharing your photos with your friends on social networks with just a simple click.

Battery / Memory Usage:
SJcam SJ5000X 2K Gyro Wifi 2.0 uses a 900 mAh battery, removable, easy to replace, 3 hours charging time, 80 minutes of use in 1080p mode. Memory card slot uses Micro SD, support up to 32 GB.
Variety of accessories:
  Comes with a variety of accessories, allowing you to easily create corners, individual frames.

Some features of the product:
- 2.0 inch LCD screen
- Video Lapse / Camera Lapse Gyro
- Anti vibration, shake stable
- New chip NTK96660 Novatek CPU, AV-Out, HDMI-out
- Supports 18 languages
- 2K video resolution (2560x1440P) and 60fps (1920x1080p)
- SJ5000x filming 2K super sharp.
- Connect your Android and iOS mobile phones over Wi-Fi
- preview / record video and images remotely
- Easy-to-Share
- Battery is removable, easy to replace.
Specifications of SJCAM SJ5000x 2K:
Image Sensor 12Mega Pixel CMOS-Sensor
Available in 7 colors: Black, White, Silver, Yellow, Green, Bronze, Red
LCD 2.0 "LCD panel
Image Resolution 12 Mega Pixels (4032 * 3024) / 10 Mega Pixels (3648 * 2736)
8 Mega Pixels ((3264 * 2448) / 5 Mega Pixels (2592 * 1944)
3M (2048 * 1536) / 2MHD (1920 * 1080) / VGA (640 * 480) / 1.3M (1280 * 960)
Video resolution
2K (2560 * 1440) 30FPS
1080P (1920 * 1080) 60FPS
Default resolution
Video: 1080P / Picture: 4032 * 3024
Picture / Video file format
Video Format: MP4 / Image Format: JPG
Zoom 4x digital zoom
He Glass Wide Angle Lens 170 ° HD, nondeformable
Memory Card Micro SD memory card slot supports up to 32 GB * 64gb & 128gb card options
Languages ​​English / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese / Simplified / Japanese / Chinese / Russian / Korean / Czech
USB 2.0, HDMI connection
80 minutes in 1080P mode
Removable Battery Pack - 900mAh
Dimensions 61 × 42.4 × 25 mm
Weight 58g (without battery), 74g has a battery
Extreme Sports, Outdoor Sports Activities, Bicycle, Car DVR, Diving, Home security etc

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