Procam T4K Dual Lens camera journey
Procam T4K Dual Lens camera journey
Front camera recording video.
Supports 4K movie recording.
Connect via phone.

Procam T4K

Support for all Android phones & IOS.
Supports WDR video recording.
GPS support.
Camera4K distributes a full range of Procam cruise lines with high quality at affordable prices.
Keep up to date with the latest product lines with a variety of designs, style and lightweight with many outstanding features.
Procam T4K Dual Lens is a new entry-level camera product line that is highly regarded for its innovative technology. This is probably a reliable choice for those who are looking for a camera full of useful features.
Record before and after
The channel is 1080p, after VGA
Connect your phone
Supports IOS, ANDROID settings, watch videos, photos, share online

Procam T4K

WDR recording back light
Good recording in low light conditions
GPS support
Record with speed information, coordinates, maps
4K filming
The image is crisp, able to decode video standards up to 4K
Memory Stick
-View the journey, display speed, map on the computer
-Connect video, take pictures directly on the phone supports both IOS and Android
Support up to 64 GB TF card
- Languages: Vietnamese / English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Thai
- Power supply: 5V 1.5A
Built-in Li-ion battery

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