Camera journey Vietmap  X9S
Camera journey Vietmap  X9S Camera journey Vietmap  X9S Camera journey Vietmap  X9S


Camera hành trình quay phim Full HD

Camera hành trình quay phim Full HD

Highlights of the vietmap x9s

Each type of camera has its own features and utilities to create a new, attractive for that product. The x9s has the following useful features:

- Full HD recording

This camera is capable of recording full HD 1080p, delivering crisp, clear images even at night.

- Sony light sensor

This built-in sensor makes it possible to record video at night. This is a big plus that not all automotive cruise cameras can do.

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- Powerful loop recording

Unfortunatelly if you are recording a memory card you will not need to worry too much, the camera will automatically overwrite when the memory card is full.

- 170 degree rotation angle

With a wide viewing angle of up to 170 degrees, the camera can record the panorama in front of the car, helping to drive peace of mind when moving.

- Integrated wifi, GPS support, 3.2 inches screen

The built-in wifi and GPS support make it easy to find your way quickly, even in difficult roadways. The 3.2 inches screen lets you watch live video very crisp.

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Benefits of installing the camera x9s

When installing this product, the owner as well as the driver will receive the following benefits:

- Sony Image Sensor

It has the ability to record and record crisp, clear videos at amazing 1080p even when the lighting conditions are poor.

- Record with information, speed and map coordinates

Can directly review the speed of movement on the screen of the camera, video playback with vehicle history on Google maps convenient, extremely high accuracy.

- WDR has the ability to record back light

In low light environments or against the road with other vehicles or the impact of sunlight ... Camera still has the ability to record extremely sharp.

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Connectors and charger

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