Camera journey Vietmap  IR22

It not only helps to monitor good daytime recording, but also requires night vision to be clear and monitor the vehicle efficiently. It is also a particularly useful device in helping to drive the safest when it comes to traffic. With the necessary and urgent needs of such users, in May 2017, the IR Jumbo jet camera Vietmap IR 22 was born with a lot of features and utility to meet the user requirements.

Vietmap IR 22 is the only camera on the market equipped with infrared video recording technology such as security surveillance cameras (CCTV). When entering the dark areas, the Infrared Tripod Cammap IR 22 will automatically switch to black-and-white infrared recording mode for clear and deep image recording in dark environments.

The Vietmap IR 22 has a very compact, easy-to-install design that lays behind the rear-view mirror. It does not hide the sight of the driver while looking at the look of the machine with its square design. sharp edge, looks quite like the camera Journey Vietmap X9 but the screen has improved The 2.7-inch screen technology used 2.7 Inch TFT LCD for clear image quality stable


attached - Machine VIETMAP IR22
- 3M adhesive rack
- Vacuum stands
- USB cable
- Charge the car
- 16gb Class 10 memory card
- HDSD Books

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