Camera journey VietMap A45

Highlights of the camera Vietmap A45 - Best journey camera 2017

❖With a compact, luxurious design, subtle color and modern, it can be said that the Vietmap A45 travel camera is a gadget not to be missed on every car.

Vietmap A45 best camera in 2017

❖Camera Vietmap A45 includes 2 front cameras, wide angle view camera up to 170 with FullHD video recording mode to help reduce the image from the outside into the device in the simplest way.

❖Is built-in advanced GPS positioning, provides full coordinates, speed for user.

❖Another advantage of this Vietmap A45 camera is the ability to navigate extremely smart, fastest, closest and accurate navigation. Coupled with the speed warning feature, you can drive safely.

Vietmap A45 travel camera uses Android operating system easy to useClick and drag to move

Vietmap A45 travel camera uses Android operating system easy to use

Beside that, the cheap Vietmap A45 navigator and navigation device uses the Android operating system, with features such as a smartphone with powerful Wifi connection, you can listen to music, listen to radio , surf the web, watch videos in your spare time.

Memory Stick

  •       MicroSD (up to 32GB support)
  •       Attached Accessories

- Machine A45
- Camera after
- Vacuum stands
- Charge the car
- 16gb Class 10 memory card
- GPS antenna
- HDSD Books

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