Camera journey Vietmap  G79


With subtle design, direct installation on the rearview mirror and replace the rearview mirror. Vietmap G79 does not only guarantee the functions of camera, camera back and navigation but also ensure the aesthetics, in accordance with the car interior.

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Vietmap S1 navigation software

Use the familiar navigation software Vietmap S1, but with the new navigation algorithm to guide navigation more accurate and reasonable.
VIETMAP G79 uses a powerful Quad-core V40 chip, 1GB RAM along with the Android 4.4.2 multitasking. Plus, with its unique multi-monitor interface, the 7.9-inch Vietmap G79 widescreen displays up to three monitors: allows users to record while navigating.

Vietmap G79 - Just recorded the lead

The Vietmap G79 does not only display the speed limit on each road on the Vietmap S1 software, but also voice alerts to help you drive more safely.

The mode and display of Vietmap G79 sharp

With front camera Full HD recordings VIETMAP G79 recording day and night with Full HD resolution. At the same time, the 7.9 "screen integrated device displays sharp, standard images.

Intelligent driving support system

Intelligent display 3 screens.

LDWS lane warning feature,

FCWS safety distance warning feature.

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Vietmap G79 ho tro lai xe thong minh

The advantage of the Cammap G79 is that the back camera can be retrograde when you return the R number
 camera hanh trinh Vietmap G79 camera lui

Detailed specifications of Vietmap G79:

- Quad-core V40 processor
- Camera Recording before and after
- Full front camera recording
- The camera has 8 VGA LEDs
- The back camera combines the camera back
- 16GB internal memory MLC.FLASH
- Android operating system 4.4.2
- 7.9-inch multi-touch screen TFT
- GPS Yes
- G-Sensor Yes
- WIFI IEEE 802.11b / g / n standard
- 12V DC power switch to 5V, 1.5A
- Size 300 (L) * 80 (W) * 20 (H) mm
- Operating temperature 0o - 70o
- Storage temperature -20o - 60o
- MicroSD memory card (up to 64GB support)
- FM transmitter Yes
- Accessories - G79
- Camera after
- Charge the car
- GPS antenna + racks
- HDSD Books
- 16Gb memory card

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