Pet Ag Calcium Phosphorus Tablets, 50-Count
Pet Ag Calcium Phosphorus Tablets, 50-Count

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Calcium Phosphorus tablets with a balanced ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus, supplemented with vitamin D3 to help the body absorb and bio-metabolize to meet the development needs of cats and dogs, especially during development and pregnancy. and breastfeeding

User manual :
Calcium phosphorus tablets provide an additional source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3, especially during rapid growth, pregnancy and lactation. The product is easy to use, and has a delicious taste that can be fed directly or crushed to mix with the proportion of cat and dog food as follows:

Dog: 1/2 tablet / day / 10kg body weight.
Older dogs, pregnant and lactating mother dogs: 1 capsule / day / 10kg body weight.

Dogs> 30kg do not feed more than 3 tablets / day.

Cats: 1/4 tablet / day / 2kg body weight.
Cats are growing, pregnant and nursing mother cats: 1/2 tablet / day / 2kg body weight.

Cats> 3kg do not feed more than 1 tablet / day.

Ingredient :
Dicalcium phosphate, dry brewer's yeast, dried milk, hydrolyzed soy protein, magnesium stearate, and vitamin D3 supplements

Guaranteed nutrition criteria: (per pill)
Calcium, min: 300 mg
Calcium, max: 360 mg
Phosphorus, min: 250 mg
Vitamin D3: 245 IU


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