BRAUN- shaver head-32B series 3 SensoFoil
Braun Machine Heads 3 Series Sensofoil - 32B is a premium product that has been developed by Braun over the years to provide the best user experience.
-The shaving part is designed with the unique shape of the shaving razor to bring a very high shaving effect. In addition, the product is designed with water resistance so users can be completely assured when using and cleaning the shaver after each use.
-The shaving heads of the Braun shaving system are made with the help of the Sensofoil shaving technology, which will provide an ultra-clean shaving experience thanks to the optimum size of the shaving heads that will help keep the shaver sharp. It also reduces the appearance of irritation after each shave.
- Suitable for Series 3 Sensofoil.

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