Braun - Steam Iron - TS755A

The steam iron has high quality Saphir
The ironing board is designed with sapphire, 4 times the hardness of stainless steel, minimizes scratches and smooth surfaces, making it light and fast when you surf the iron on the fabric surface. .

The 2400W produces the best ironing results
The Braun TS755A steam iron has a powerful power of 2400W which makes ironing even faster than conventional products to meet the need to shorten ironing time and save power consumption. The design of the spearhead also helps to straighten the narrow positions such as collar, buttoned shirt ...

Water tank with capacity 400ml
The Braun TS755A steam iron is designed with a 400ml water bottle, which helps to iron for long periods of time, minimizing water loss during use.

Bàn Là Hơi Nước BRAUN TS755A

Longitudinal spray with 3 spray areas
Water vapor spray system operated by longitudinal spray can increase to 150g / min. This powerful line will easily straighten even the toughest wrinkles on linen. Vertical spray steam helps to iron curtains, clothes hang up.

In addition, steam is sprayed from three active spraying areas, including the pre-moistening zone. Powerful and powerful steam lines will help you with rapid ironing, high results, and even straight clothing for long periods of time.

Water vapor is strongly sprayed, continuous and accurate
Precise trickle is at the desk, in the right place - use with the easy button. This is a very powerful and concentrated steam that eliminates the most stubborn creases, suitable for thick, hard-to-straighten fabrics.

Continuous steam output and you can adjust the spray speed up to 50g to increase the efficiency of ironing clothes for you, help you more satisfied and convenient with the product.

Bàn Là Hơi Nước BRAUN TS755A

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