BOSCH- Máy khoan sắt - GBM350
BOSCH- Máy khoan sắt - GBM350

GBM 350 rotary drilling machine - specially designed for mechanics

- Compact design, convenient, GBM 350 is ideal for handling jobs in tight spaces
Gbm 350 compact drill conveniently

- Powerful 350W motor, diameter of drill pair up to 10mm to meet the job requirements.
Powerful drilling machine gbm-350

- GBM 350 rotary drilling machine with deadbolt switch for continuous operation, easy and convenient speed switch. 

The GBM 350 and GBM 1000 RE are of the same capacity but with new improvements to the idling speed of the larger GBM 350 drill, the stronger torque for higher performance.

Comparison between GBM 1000 RE drilling machine and GBM 350 drilling machine (new Bosch product)

Comparison between GBM 350 and GBM 1000Re

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