Bosch - Sanding machine - (GSS 1400)
Bosch - Sanding machine - (GSS 1400)

105mm Square sanding machine Bosch GSS 1400

The Bosch GSS 1400 vibration sanding machine has a sturdy and easy clamping system. In addition, the machine is equipped with soft shoe to feel comfortable and function to limit the vibration protection of the hands and bone of the user to ensure absolute safety.

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The Bosch GSS 1400 sanding machine is made of plastic with a smooth grip that allows you to work lightly without any effort. The product is in the category of low-level professional, with a powerful performance of 180W with idle speed of 12000 rpm combined with high material removal rate, for quick operation and best results.

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. The machine is equipped with limited vibration function, which protects the hands and bones of the user when operating. Integrated two-layer insulation with vacuum system and clamping system is easy and easy to bring to the maximum convenience in use

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