Combo 8 glass plates Moon Hawai Purple - Bormioli

Product Information

Product line of glass cups Moon Hawaii Purple opal glass. They own the simple design of the same pure white tone score more Bowl pattern the pale purple soft. It will highlight in your home kitchen space, brings bright strokes, making more eye catching than the dinner table.

The brand's products, Bormioli Rocco has good heat tolerance and high durability. Glass Disks used in the microwave as well as in the dishwasher, the effective use of convenience for housewives.

Highlights of the glass disk of Moon-Hawaii Purple Bormioli Rocco-Italian brand

Product line of glass Moon-Hawaii Purple has the following highlights:

  • Origin: is the product of Bormioli Rocco-Italian brand
  • Material: glass heat resistant opal
  • Diameter: 23cm and 27cm
  • Color: purple texture white

Combo 8 đĩa thủy tinh Moon Hawai Purple - Bormioli


Glass Disk Moon-Hawaii Purple has the following advantages:

  • Material high grade opal glass, heat to improve functionality and enhanced durability. This brings the heat resistant and high impact resistant 3 times conventional glass products.
  • Resistant to thermal shock up to 135° C should be able to use the safe for microwave, dishwasher.
  • Opal glass will brilliant light created shimmering beauty and sophistication.
  • Sleek Glass  , luxury design suitable for any party.
  • Built to high speed rotation process should be present on the product not the smooth and glossy smooth due to exposure to molds.
  • Thin and light product than the ordinary glass.
  • Smooth surface, does not absorb odors and food coloring.
  • Do not produce toxic chemicals during use, sanitary, heated sanitary safety of food
  • The products are complete and function to thermal enhanced durability.
  • Heat resistant and high impact resistant to the product, resistant to thermal shock up to 135° C.
  • Use safe in microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

Use the products

There are 2 types of discs are preferred:

  • 2 disc diameter 23cm soup with depth disk crush bends soft helps to feed the loose not spill out niche product transport Depot, stir-fried dishes, dishes, soup, ...
  • large disk diameter 2 27cm taking to fruit, boiled, stir-fried dishes or feed gadget, wide size help decorate the food easily.

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