Glass Set  Plates Ronda 6 Items (Bormioli Rocco)
Glass Set  Plates Ronda 6 Items (Bormioli Rocco)

Product Information

Glass Disk Ronda is a product of Bormioli Rocco with a simple design pattern not smooth circle. The disk has an crush depth just to help the sisters decorate the dishes more eye catching. Smooth disk surface not sticking sticking food smell colors, easily washable, save time cleaning up.

Design characteristics

Glass Disk Ronda has exquisite design, elegance and high quality brought co you satisfaction.

The advanced glass material disk, safely heat resistant and highly durable, lighter than conventional glass products.

  • The ability to stack utilities, help save space for the small kitchen.
  • Bormioli Rocco brand products are manufactured in Spain which is famous for glass production industry. Users always happy about the color, transparency, and luxurious appearance as well as the quality of this product.

Glass Cups are widgets is quite familiar to modern kitchens. However glass cups normally transparent, but with The Bormioli glass cups are made of pure white glass, heat-resistant material. With the mapping of glass will create light brilliant amazing beauty. This creates a luxurious beauty and subtlety when decorating the dining table, glass cabinets with a soothing and elegant style.

With The glass disk of this housewife sister can be used as decoration items, presentation of food, boiled dishes on the dinner table or fruit packaging. The dishes are also extremely suitable to make gifts to family, friends, colleagues, ... birthday, occasions, holidays, ...


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Products Glass Disk has the following advantages:

  • Material high grade opal glass, heat to improve functionality and enhanced durability. This brings the heat resistant and high impact resistant 3 times conventional glass products.
  • Resistant to thermal shock up to 135° C should be able to use the safe for microwave, dishwasher.
  • Opal glass will brilliant light created shimmering beauty and sophistication.
  • Sleek Glass, luxury design suitable for any party.
  • Built to high speed rotation process should be present on the product not the smooth and glossy smooth due to exposure to molds.
  • Thin and light product than the ordinary glass.
  • Smooth surface, does not absorb odors and food coloring.
  • Do not produce toxic chemicals during use, sanitary, heated sanitary safety of food
  • The products are complete and function to thermal enhanced durability.
  • Heat resistant and high impact resistant to the product, resistant to thermal shock up to 135° C.
  • Use safe in microwave, freezer and dishwasher.


Bộ đĩa thủy tinh Ronda 6 món(Bormioli Rocco) h2

Use of consultants

You can use the disk in any space because they have a variety of different sizes:

  • 2 disc diameter 23cm soup with depth disk crush bends soft helps to feed the loose not spill out niche product transport poached dishes, soup, stir-fried dishes, ...
  • 2 small round 20 cm diameter disk used as a disk, the disk liner to spice, divided into food or decoration are appropriate.
  • large disk diameter 2 27cm taking to fruit, boiled, stir-fried dishes or feed widget. Size Glass Disk width help decorate the food easily.

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