Glass Set Of Plates/Bowl White Moon 19 items (Bormioli Rocco)
Glass Set Of Plates/Bowl White Moon 19 items (Bormioli Rocco)

Product Information

 The Glass Bowl is items fairly familiar with modern kitchens however glass cups usually throughout but with The Bormioli glass dishes are pure white, made of glass material Advanced heat-resistant to help you decorate the dinner table with soothing and elegant style.

Characteristics of the glass cups White Moon

With the glass disk of this housewife sister can be used as decoration items, presentation of food, boiled dishes on the dinner table or fruit packaging. The dishes are also extremely suitable to make gifts to family, friends, colleagues, ... birthday, occasions, holidays, ...

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The glass bowl White Moon senior

Product line White Moon dishes of Bormioli Rocco with a simple design pattern not smooth round shape, flat, smooth disk easily washable, do not cling cling color food smell. Brand products, Bormioli Rocco is produced in Spain which is famous for glass manufacturing industry to keep longstanding satisfied users of color, transparency and luxury appearance.


Can score through as:

  • Advanced opal glass material, heat to improve functionality and enhance endurance, bring the heat resistant and high impact resistant 3 times conventional glass products. Resistant to thermal shock up to 135° C, should be able to use the safe for microwave, dishwasher. Besides that, other than the conventional ceramic products, glass, brilliant light opal will create shimmering beauty and sophistication.
  • Diverse designs, luxurious design suitable for any party.
  • Built to high speed rotation process should be present on the product not the smooth and glossy smooth due to contact with the cast that also help to reduce thin and lighter products.
  • Smooth surface, does not absorb odours and colours, as well as not produces harmful chemicals during use, sanitary, heated sanitary safety of food.
  • The products are of complete functionality and enhance endurance, bring the heat resistant and high impact resistant product.
  • Use safe in microwave, freezer and dishwasher.

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Containers for glass cups White Moon

Use of consultants

Complete set consisting of 19 products:

  • 6 soup disk 23cm disk lap diameter depth with a soft Flex helps to feed loose don't spill out niche product transport poached dishes, soup, stir-fried dishes, ...
  • 6 small disk 20 cm diameter disk used as a lining for automobiles, to spices, food or decoration are appropriate.
  • 6 large disk diameter 27cm refers to fruits, boiled, or fried dishes, food gadgets, wide size help decorate the food easily.
  • 1 large bowl diameter 24cm Flake soup, soup ...

Product description

-Brand: Bormioli Rocco
-Made in Spain
-The dishes: 19 products

  • 6 disk 20 cm round
  • 6 round soup disk 23cm
  • Disc 6 27cm
  • 1 daub 24cm
  • Weight: 9.4 kg

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