Bene-Bac Plus Fos Gel 15g

Bene - Bac Plus supports pet digestion in cases such as diarrhea, constipation, dyspepsia ... often occurs when environmental temperature changes, due to inappropriate food or disturbed living conditions. mix ... Let Bene - Bac Plus help protect the digestive system of your pet the best.

Note: store in a dry place, the temperature does not exceed 120 ° F

Frequently Asked Questions about Bene-Bac® Products.   What happens if I give my pet too much Bene-Bac® Pet Gel? You cannot hurt your pet by giving it too much Bene-Bac® Pet Gel. The product is most effective if used according to our directions, but if you were to give a little too much at one time, it will not harm your pet. The body can only utilize a certain amount of bacteria so those it doesn’t need get passed on through its digestive system.

Therefore, do not think you are doing your pet a favor by increasing the recommended amount to feed. The extra bacteria will only go to waste. If you exceed the recommended amount considerably it might cause loose stool from too much vegetable oil (the base for the gel). What happens if I give my bird too much Bird Bene-Bac® Gel? It is important to adhere to our directions when administering Bird Bene-Bac® to your bird. It will not benefit the bird to increase our suggested dosage and furthermore the excess may build up in the bird’s crop, possibly developing into sour crop or crop stasis. Do any of the Bene-Bac® products need to be refrigerated? It is not necessary to store Bene-Bac® in the refrigerator. It is especially not recommended for either Bird or Pet Bene-Bac® Powder as the moisture in your refrigerator may get into the jar, causing the powder to clump and harden. Bene-Bac® needs to be kept in a cool, dry place where it will not be exposed to temperatures higher than 120° F. Temperatures higher than that may kill the beneficial bacteria in the product, promote growth of unwanted bacteria, and cause rancidity of the oil. When using Bird Bene-Bac® in a hand-rearing formula, heat the formula first before adding the Bird Bene-Bac®.

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