Hello Kitty backpacks French Fries and Hamburgers

Hello Kitty backpacks French Fries and Hamburgers

Backpacks are always a close and intimate with the baby. They help baby easily and less heavy than when going to school, going out, help little contained the necessary utensils, so it would really be great if parents shopping for a kid hobbies combined with children's rucksacks, styling originality , impressive. Hello Kitty laptop backpacks French Fries and Hamburger was inspired by the character of Kitty cat, personality colors would be great choices for your child.


Safe material
The products are made from high grade cloths, durable and sturdy design, according to the figures of the baby help baby can move more easily. Especially the longer Constantine shade resistant and efficient assistance for baby when carrying.

Beautiful design
The product is inspired by the famous Kitty cat image, color personality, very suitable for the modern girl.

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